A truly tailored online shopping solution

Measuring up

Turo is one of Finland’s oldest and best known fashion brands. They've been dressing the Finnish man, his father and probably his grandfather too. Since 1938. Coming off the back of 75+ years of history, not every brand is comfortable rushing toward the future of digital retail. Luckily for us, Turo may be grounded in history, but they're looking to the future.

Making patterns

A web shop is a web shop. How can you integrate the tradition and style of such an established and recognisable brand into html and css? This was our challenge. One we tackled by closely cooperating with Turo throughout the process, working collaboratively to create a sleek, refined design that showcases the products and their details. At the same time, customers needed to quickly and easily understand the wide range of possible fits, cuts and styles. Last but not least, this was Turo's first venture into digital business so every feature, from front to back, had to function efficiently and effortlessly for both end user and client.

The finished article

For the first time in its long history, Turo is out there for its Finnish customer base and for potential consumers throughout Europe looking to catch this wave of smart Nordic fashion. Turo's original line and younger-slanted Turo Red collection are available, delivered to your door, alongside a growing collection of style content including a dressing guide, look book and blog posts.

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