Raisio digital growth strategy

Raisio digital growth strategy

A bright future for one of Finland's oldest food companies

Raisio is one of Finland's biggest food companies and their brands are among the oldest, most-loved in the country.

As globalization and digitalization accelerate, the nature of everything related to food - from production to distribution to consumption - is also changing rapidly. Many companies choose a "business-as-usual" route while waiting for new markets to form. Raisio, on the other hand, has decided they want to be the leaders in the next phase of the food market - and happily they have chosen Motley to help them get there.

Raisio sees an opportunity to gain understanding about how consumer behavior is changing in a rapidly digitalizing world - and also leverage the opportunities to get feedback from their customers and provide them with the products they want.

We are doing ongoing strategic work together with Raisio to identify international growth opportunities and develop scalable business models for capitalizing on them. We're also building a webshop MVP using lean development principles - 2 months from scratch to launch, using their existing customer database to build on, to test the market demand. The fruits of this work are not out in public yet - but we did catch up with Aki Finer from Raisio, who had this to say:

"Motley has been an invaluable partner in helping us find new ways to grow and scale our business. At first we were a little blown away - but they've done the research and have the insights to back it all up. We are now looking at being forerunners in the next phase of the food market and it's a very exciting time for all of us at Raisio."

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