Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki

Global ecommerce within a month

The Starting Point

IvanaHelsinki was about to have their biggest moment of 2014 - at Tokyo Fashion Week on October 15.

When we met them on the 13th of September, we all agreed that the current webstore was not adequate for global sales and did not provide the high-end experience that reflected the quality of the brand. So, what we had was a global fashion brand with global reputation but without global business.

The Execution

Time was of the essence so we built on top of Shopify but with a completely custom-made, unique design. And we didn't want to stop there - instead of just making a web store we wanted to design a comprehensive e-commerce infrastructure with referral, recommendation and reward mechanics, retargeting abilities and a lead generation system.

Shopify offered some of the needed capabilities; third-party applications came in handy to enable some others; and some of the stuff we built from scratch. Combining ready-made and custom elements we were able to build the whole infrastructure in less than 4 weeks.

During the design and implementation phase we focused heavily on easy browsability and shareability. The webstore we wanted to create would have a "fashion-magaziney" boutique feel to it. It would not be just another webstore.

The Result

On the 14th of October, exactly one month after the first meeting and a day before the Tokyo launch, the new webstore was live and all the essential marketing tools, shipping and payments were integrated.

The new IvanaHelsinki webstore matches the world-class design quality of IvanaHelsinki's brand. The beautifully designed, fully responsive - and globally shipping - webstore has had loads of positive feedback from IvanaHelsinki's customers.

Moreover, thanks to the carefully planned e-commerce structure, IvanaHelsinki's online sales not only doubled but tripled during the first month.