Halti Ecommerce development and Operations

Halti Ecommerce development and Operations

The outdoors online

Base Camp

Finland is a wonderfully modern country with an unusually strong connection to nature. Warmer winters are shrinking the ski market and suppliers are branching out into new ventures. When Finland’s most famous outdoor brand, Halti, came knocking, we jumped at the opportunity to explore some digital transformation possibilities.

The Ascent

Roped together with Halti commercial operations, we built a Minimum Viable Product roadmap for the coming months. Using lean and agile methodologies, we first deploy a Finnish web store stocking a limited range of products, then proceed with continuous improvement, learning-by-doing: scaling up inventory, delivery countries and marketing capacities.

The Summit

Halti is selling and developing relationships directly with their customers via a modern, responsive ecommerce setup. Together, we have a built a framework for growing the offering moving forward, so that consumers in Finland and outside can enjoy the outdoors in their Halti gear.

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