If you want positive business change, call us.

If you want positive business change, call us.

We specialize in helping companies make the leap to the next phase of digital business:

Scalable international growth.

If you are brave enough, we can transform your business to become a leader in the digital era.

Why come to us?

Most companies that come to us need one of three things:


The old paradigms of industry and investment are no longer valid. Business is changing from manufacturing volume to creating value. The investment needed for immaterial innovation is minimal. Why go "high risk, high reward" when you can go "low risk, high reward"? With technology we can create you something that doesn't exist and open up a new market, new business, or something that's just better.


The market is inherently global and so is your competition. There are unlimited ways to distribute your product or services and you can scale globally in no time. Now even small businesses can operate globally and small ideas can be taken to a worldwide stage. We can help you reach international customers and realize your global business opportunities.


The rate of digitalization is exponential and many companies won't make the transformation, and thus won't survive. Digitalization offers opportunities to do things for less or produce more value than ever. Take the agents out of the supply chain. Get rid of the managers. Automate the things in between. We can help you increase automation, increase effectiveness, and do your business more profitably.

Our promise is to discover and deploy a new, scalable business model for our partners within the first year of cooperation.

This is how we do it.

Rapid business innovation and deployment in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Discover the opportunities.

We review your business environment. We dig into industry and market forces, key trends and macroeconomic forces. Interview your key people and study your current business. You will get a visual and conceptual presentation of the current business gaps and market opportunities, and find out how to jump into global digital business.

Step 2: Validate the hypotheses.

Based on the study we'll create innovative and disruptive business models, design them to look like real services and calculate a business case together with you: How to find product/market fit and create more value.

You will get a shortlist of new ideas to solve your business problem or fulfill a customer need; together we'll evaluate the list and refine into executable concepts.

After you have selected a starting point, we will build a Minimum Viable Product, launch it in a private or public beta and start to validate the business case with your real customers.

Step 3: Create the business.

We improve the product or service in small steps to find the scalability. We build up content, adjust the features or design, and test the marketing. Then we measure the feedback, review the analytics and evaluate the impact of the marketing investment. Based on the results we decide on pushing the pedal or making a pivot.

Step 4: Integrate or keep separate.

Now you have a business. It's your decision: integrate it into your existing business or grow it as it is. By this stage you will have the organizations and talent in place to take over our tasks and we'll move to a support and advisory role - but you'll understand what is the best way for you to take the business forward.

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