Motley is hiring: It's gettin' serious up in here!

We are doing bigger, more challenging, more important work than we’ve ever done before, and we are looking for a few red-hot pros to beef up our team:

Several Full-Stack Developer Positions

Our ideal full-stack developer is about the big picture: You see the project as a whole, have an overall view on what must be done, in what order and how, and know enough of all the bits and pieces to contribute everywhere. It’s your task to do the architecture planning, project planning, backlog writing, and you’re fluent in agile and lean methodologies. And you’re also about the little picture: you can deliver all the needed development on a project, front-end, back-end, even middle-end (yes, it happened once and everyone’s still alive to tell the tale).

We use modern web development frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Python & Django, and you should understand how these work. Knowledge of native mobile apps is a big plus and we’d love it if you know your sh!t when it comes to relational databases and NoSQL. You won’t put your finger in your mouth if a Linux/Unix server starts misbehaving, and we also want you to have, or acquire, a decent knowledge of modern hosting services and infrastructure.

We're not limited to any of the techs mentioned, however, and we're always trying to find the best tool for the job, so knowledge of e.g. Go, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, node.js and other trendy languages are all welcome. Likewise, if you don’t know all our core stack techs, it’s no biggie as long as you can learn them quickly and enthusiastically.

Most importantly, you should have an understanding of modern software development methodologies: Scrum, TDD/BDD, continuous integration. You should have been doing this for long enough that you know how to choose the right tools, techs and methods for the job. And you should have a great track record in getting the job done from start to finish.

If you’re not afraid to do it differently than the Captains of Industry, give us a call at

Yes, the self-irony in using something so conformist and limiting as email is obvious. But do it anyway, and include your CV or portfolio or some other means of introducing yourself. We'll invite the most promising candidates in for interviews over the coming weeks.